Based in Charlotte, N.C., GRAMMY Nominated producer and artist Dae-Lee was introduced to the music industry in high school – in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia – where his style was influenced by music legends Timabaland, Pharrell and Missy Elliott. As a result, Dae-Lee’s music is at its core hip-hop merged with various styles of music in a way that is intended to elevate listeners; to show a true picture of our God-intended purpose and value, and to start a dialogue on how to encourage those around us to live as their best, authentic selves. In addition to writing and performing, he has produced 95% of the five projects which he has released. Dae-Lee believes that we are better together and is working to use music and influence to help remove the chasms between people groups rooted in ignorance by being a bridge of patience and love.


  • Music
  • Diversity